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Treasuring special memories

Treasuring special memories

Finding a creative way to treasure special memories led to interactive scrapbooking, brainchild of the team at Frendz Art & Craft Supplies in Clarkson, Perth. They combine their knowledge of different card making techniques, scrapbooking and mini albums to craft a unique folder which artfully displays your cherished memories.

An assortment of coloured paper, embellished with artistic designs, is skilfully folded and added to pockets and flaps to set the theme for the final product. Photographs, flyers, brochures and special mementos are strategically placed in the scrapbook to remember friends, family, special occasions and experiences.

Different interactive scrapbook kits are compiled to meet every need. The interactive pages are glued together with a strong adhesive and double-sided tape. Paper is acid and lignin free to preserve the integrity of irreplaceable original documents and photographs.

Wach interactive page has a base made from thick chipboard which is covered and layered with paper into folds, flaps and pockets to create different effects on the front and back of the page.

Between forty and fifty photos can be glued to each page with a maximum of four pages in a 3-ring album.

Fourteen different interactive pages are on display on the Frendz Art & Craft website. Interactive scrapbooking kits as well as links to YouTube video’s on how to assemble pages are available for purchase at the shop. Order your kit or book your place for the next interactive scrapbooking workshop by contacting Wilna van der Merwe on 08 94078860.

Here is an example of one of the interactive pages. This one opens up into 7 different displays. The photographs on the bottom of the page show the front side of the book. The photos on the right are at the back of the book.

Front displays

Back displays

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