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Healthy and delicious . . . … a unique blend of cultures

Healthy and delicious . . .  … a unique blend of cultures

It was not long after the Loewenstein family migrated to Perth, from South Africa, some 28 years ago, that they began producing biltong, droewors (dried sausage) and boerewors (a traditional South African bbq sausage) for family and friends.

Derek, a highly skilled butcher and spice specialist, created delicious South African delicacies using proven traditional family recipes. The demand for their products began to grow and in 1999 they moved into a purpose built factory in Malaga in order to grow their business to what it is today. Currently, D Jays Gourmet is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of biltong and jerky products which they distribute country wide. Some of their customers include Caltex, Puma, BP and United petrol stations, BWS and Dan Murphy liquor stores, IGA Supermarkets and various other retail groups and outlets.

D.Jays Gourmet prides itself on quality products which are manufactured in the HACCP approved factory. They also go out of their way to provide exceptional customer service striving to dispatch orders within 24 hours of being placed.

D.Jays Biltong is made from 100% premium Australian beef. The biltong is lightly spiced and is available in traditional, mild pepper and chilli flavours. Traditionally it is best eaten while soft and moist but is also a tasty snack when dried completely and packed into stokkies (snap sticks). The best way to store the soft moist biltong is either in the fridge for the first two days, thereafter to freeze to prevent the product from drying out further.

Jerky is a similar product to the biltong but the main difference is that the meat is marinaded with different flavours. Therefore, when you eat the jerky, your taste buds enjoy the marinade flavour as opposed to the biltong where it is the meat and spices that are flavoursome.

The jerky is available in traditional, smokey and chilli flavours. The jerky will also continue to dry out over time and the best way to store it is in an air tight container or in the freezer if it is not going to be consumed immediately.

If you are not sure which biltong or jerky product you would like, feel free to visit the D.Jays factory at 22 Midas Road Malaga and ask for a taste or alternatively you can go to their website, to order a sample pack. D.Jays biltong and jerky make a healthy snack for school lunches, a protein hit after workouts or nibbles to compliment a cold beverage….. or simply as a fireside accompaniment to a soft velvety red wine on a cold winters night.

Having a BBQ? Then you should visit D Jays Gourmet in Malaga to purchase their delicious boerewors (bbq sausage) and hamburgers. These products will be a hit with your family and friends. Take the time to browse the D.Jays website to see the vast variety of products on offer. Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter so that you stay up to date with happenings and current running specials. ‘Traditional & Exceptional’ is D.Jays motto and they certainly live up to that.

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