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HARTSTOG (Heartfelt) – History was made in a heartbeat

HARTSTOG (Heartfelt) – History was made in a heartbeat

The Story of Chris Barnard and the first heart transplant

50 years after the first heart was successfully transplanted from one human to another, you can now see how these events unfolded in a new docudrama. In Hartstog, the human drama surrounding the events of 3 December 1967 is revealed in three parallel storylines by screenwriter Deon Opperman. Firstly, that of the Washkansky-family, anxiously awaiting a heart donor for the seriously ill Louis, but also the Darvalls, who suffer a tragic loss in an accident and of course Dr. Chris Barnard and his team at the hospital who made it all happen.

André Velts directs this docudrama which features a star-studded cast. Award winning actor Carel Nel steps into the shoes (and scrubs) of Dr. Chris Barnard, while his wife Aletta is played by Quinne Brown. Jacques Bessenger is Dr. Barnard’s surgeon-brother Marius.

If you’ve always wanted to know more about the world’s first heart transplant, be sure to catch Hartstog on Showmax. It’s a story of heartfelt passion, broken hearts and hope that shines a light on a piece of proudly South-African history which changed the world.

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