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Every house has the potential to be a beautiful home

Every house has the potential  to be a beautiful home


It is possible to create a home that is both stylish and welcoming without blowing your budget.  It may be necessary to look at things in different ways so as to understand how your home relates to your lifestyle – and how that relationship affects the way you live. If you come home at the end of the day only to see a muddle of confusion and chaos confronting you, you may well constantly feel overwhelmed and at times depressed. By gradually instilling a small amount of order you will free up time to enjoy all life has to offer.

Try my 7 simple steps to CLUTTER-FREE LIVING!

1. Start small and tackle one room at a time.
Be ruthless, don’t be afraid of getting rid of ‘stuff’ – if you feel guilty about waste – as most of us do, donate your unwanted articles to a charity.

2. Invest in storage items that meet your new needs.
You can never have enough storage! Think dual purpose pieces that incorporate storage and combine function with great form.

3. A place for everything and everything in its place – your mother was right!!
Assign each item a home, and make it a habit to return items to their rightful places after use.

4. Love it or let it go!
Remove everything from your shelves and drawers that you no longer love or cherish. By incorporating pieces that you genuinely love, and not worrying what your grandmother would think, your home becomes your very own private retreat.

5. Less really is more.
Be prepared to embrace a minimalistic form of decorating where the WOW factor is achieved by using larger statement pieces to provide drama and impact.

6. Instead of ‘hanging the family on the walls’ why not create a stylish design feature?
I love grouping photographs to showcase family memories which adds style at the same time.

7. Sit back and enjoy the simplicity of your clutter-free home.

By removing excess baggage, you are able to start living in a new simplistic and organised environment. You will find that once the constant pressures of cleaning and de-cluttering are resolved, there is more time to embrace your future.

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